Success is not measured by what you do compared to what others can do. Success is measured by what you can do compared to what you are capable of doing.

A rose though it smells better than cabbage, doesn’t make a better soup. We believe that everyone is UNIQUE. Everyone is gifted with time, talent and treasure. The more of your time, talent and treasure you invest in your passion, the more you will fight for it, defend it and protect it from everyone and everything that would attempt to steal it from you. Discovering your uniqueness leads you to Success. There are infinite possibilities of the limitless mind. In GITA, we help you discover the possibilities of your limitless mind.

The harmony of life are rhythms of success, happiness, love, creative action and abundance. When you superimpose your life pattern onto these universal rhythms, you extend your essence and influence beyond boundaries of your life time. Your life becomes a contribution to all humanity.

Security if not found in things, security can be experienced in one way only – by identifying yourself as a channel for the flow of the INFINITE mind. Ideas are the gold coins of kingdom, out of which we mould and fashion our good. Money can be stolen but ideas endure and re-create.